What are Perfume Oils and 6 reasons why you must try them?

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Why use perfume oils?

What are Perfume Oils???


In recent years, oils of all forms have begun dominating the beauty industry, be it facial, hair or cleansing oils, more people have begun to recognise the benefits of natural and compound free skincare products. Therefore, it’s no surprise that more people are buying perfume oils.


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What is the difference between Perfume Oils and Traditional Perfume Sprays?

Most designer and luxury fragrances are only available in spray form, perfume sprays are made up of fragrance oils diluted with alcohol, these perfumes are commonly labelled Eau de Parfum (EDP) or Eau de Toilette (EDT), referring to the dilution ratio of fragrance oil and alcohol.

The key difference between Perfume sprays and oils is rather than diluting the fragrance oils with alcohol, perfume oils are diluted with a neutral and scent free oil. Therefore perfume oils often contain a much higher fragrance concentration compared to spray on perfumes.

Aftershave: 1-3% fragrance concentration in an alcohol base

Eau de Cologne (EDC): 2-6% fragrance concentration in an alcohol base

Eau de Toilette (EDT): 5-15% fragrance concentration in an alcohol base

Eau de Parfum (EDP): 10-20% fragrance concentration in an alcohol base

Extrait de Parfum (Pure Perfume Oil): 20-40% fragrance concentration in an oil base


6 Reasons Why You Must Try Perfume Oils?

Difference of Perfume oils
  1. Uncut & Uncontaminated: Perfume Oil is the most natural type of perfume.  When it says "Uncut", it literally means it!  Unlike, commercially branded perfumes, pure perfume oils contains no nasty toxins(Phthalates & Parabens), alcohol and are uncontaminated!
  2. Alcohol-Free and Long Lasting: Alcohol-based perfumes dry much faster than perfume oils due to the quick drying properties of alcohol, this results in the fragrance fading faster. Since oils can be more easily absorbed by the skin, perfume oils not only have a longer lasting fragrance but also have a more subtle scent throughout the day.
  3. Natural and Concentrated: Perfume Oils are the most natural form of perfume.  In contrast to many popular perfume sprays, perfume oils contain no additives as they are not diluted to allow for spraying. 
  4. Simple Application and Portability: Asēdos’s Oil Perfumes come in roll on bottles which allows for easy perfume application with no mess or wastage. The size of these bottles are also perfect for on the go as they are leak-proof and can easily fit in a jacket pocket or a small purse.
  5. Soft on Sensitive Skin: Perfume oils are a perfect alternative for those with sensitive skin. Due to the uncut nature of pure perfume oils, there is a much lower risk of using oil based perfumes compared to traditional alcohol based perfumes. Perfume oils naturally have a hydrating ability for the skin and therefore would minimise irritation for those with dry skin.
  6. Premium Quality at an Affordable Price: Most importantly, perfume oils are very affordable due to the low amount of additives in the production process. Although we use the best quality fragrance oils available, the costs saved on advertising campaigns and sponsorships are passed onto you, the consumer. These natural perfume oils are very affordable compared to their designer counterparts whilst maintaining an extremely similar long-lasting fragrance

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