Our Mission

At Asēdos Perfumes, we specialize in premium perfume oils that offer a fair alternative to expensive designer fragrances. Our focus is on providing exceptional scents without the hefty price tags and harmful toxins. With us, you won't pay for fancy names, bottles, or celebrity endorsements. Instead, we eliminate the middleman, allowing you to enjoy long-lasting scent oils. Most of all, we want you to smell damn good every where you go.

As an Australian-owned and operated company, we take pride in our sourcing practices. We carefully select the highest quality ingredients, ensuring they are ethically and sustainably produced. We are excited to bring you these incredible fragrances because, as we believe, nothing is more memorable than a captivating scent.

Our Creator

I am Olesya, co-founder of Asēdos. The reason behind Asēdos is quite simple. Ever since my teenage years, I've had a passion for scents and perfumes. However, growing up in a small town with a modest background, I couldn't afford the luxury of expensive designer perfumes, which I often dreamed of.

Now, after a couple of decades, having gained more wisdom and starting my own family, I realized that my love for scents and perfumes remained strong. That's when I decided to create a perfume brand right here in Melbourne. It was important to me that our perfumes are crafted by industry's best perfumer, free from toxins, and cruelty-free. Most importantly, I wanted them to be affordable for the majority of people, not just the privileged few.

Our range of scents draws artistic inspiration from familiar designer fragrances that you know and love. With over 200 scents and counting, I am grateful for the incredible support and positive feedback from Asēdos customers. It's fulfilling to provide perfume lovers with access to a wide variety of scents at a fraction of the cost. It feels like a dream come true for that little girl inside me.

For Sustainability

Asēdos creates inclusive fragrances in roll-on forms that are suitable for all genders. Our products prioritize ethical and sustainable practices, using organic and plant-derived ingredients and packaging that is recyclable. We are committed to avoiding harmful substances like palm oil, alcohol, phthalates and parabens, and our products are never tested on animals, only on humans.