Asēdos X Lova Chocolate - Exclusive Mother's Day Collaboration

Inspired By: Your Favourite Mother's Day Gift
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Asēdos X Lova Chocolate - Exclusive Mother's Day Collaboration - Limited Stock

Handcrafted With Love In Melbourne

Indulge in the enchanting symphony of LOVA Ruby Chocolate with Raspberries and Pailleté Feuilletine. Crafted from the rare and exquisite Ruby cocoa bean, this chocolate unveils a stunningly vibrant hue and a unique berry fruitiness, untainted by added flavors or colors. Infused with the tart sweetness of sun-ripened raspberries, each bite is a flirtation with perfection. The inclusion of delicate pailleté feuilletine adds an irresistible crunch, weaving a texture that dances between the tender and the crisp. This luxurious confection is a testament to the art of chocolate-making, promising an unforgettable journey for the senses. Handcrafted with love, LOVA Ruby Chocolate is a heartfelt ode to the finer pleasures in life.

ALLERGY ADVICE: Contains dairy, gluten, and soy.  Might contain traces of nuts.

INGREDIENTS: Ruby chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder, cocoa mass,  soya lecithin, citric acid, natural vanilla flavouring), raspberries, pailleté feuilletine (wheat flour, sugar, concentrated butter 8%, milk sugar, milk proteins, salt, malt extract (barley), raising agent: E500ii).