Inspired By: Mancera's Roses Vanille
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Size: 10ml


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Inspired by Mancera's Roses Vanille Perfume Oil

Intense and fresh, this perfume oil will capture your senses with the tease of lemon and water creating a sensual tension on rose and sugar. Oriental Vanilla is a breathtakingly beautiful scent inspired by Mancera's Roses Vanille. Sweet and musky base notes in this fragrance will envelop you in a delightful cocoon of vanilla, sugar, white musk and cedar.

You will be surprised by how good this smells; Packed in our glass roll on bottles, you can use them any where any time in a ease.  Try it out today and you will see the difference!

  • Premium quality that will last you all day!
  • Undiluted pure perfume oil
  • Vegan friendly
  • 100% Alcohol free

Suitable for: Women Men

Top Notes:  Lemon and Water Notes
Middle Notes: Rose and Sugar
Base Notes: Vanilla, Sugar, White Musk and Cedar